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that Haley

What an amazing woman! New to Frankfurt but not a stranger to travel far and wide, this woman is wise & clever, hard working & dedicated, loving & intentional in all her ways annnd way freaking beautiful! We had such a blast during our January Portrait session! The cold didn’t scare us away! Check out more of Haley’s images on AW_Facebook!





that rose garden ceremony

An absolutely stunning wedding! The peak of happiness and summer color! It was a perfect August day and the stage was set. The guests arrived, the places set, the groom anxiously waiting… And then we see her, the bride! Led by two darling flower girls, she made her gorgeous entrance into the rose garden! The ceremony continued with the peaceful blue water pool, celebratory pink roses and clear summer skies surrounding the love that filled that rose garden house. It was a sight to see!









that Maxamillion

Max is one of my beloved cousins! We have countless cherished memories together of family reunions, summer trips, holidays on the farm, and 4th of July campouts. It was an honor to capture the man he has become as he graduates high school and heads off to college! So proud of him and the wonderful person he is and always has been! Congratulations Max!






that dancing bride

There is nothing like the wedding of a dear dear friend. Jared and I have know Nate, the groom, for many years and had so been looking forward to the day he would marry the love of his life! Kate was a stunning bride and the day was simply perfect. It was an out of town wedding for many of the groom’s family and friends, so it was more of a wedding weekend, which only heightened the joy and celebration! The ceremony was held in the church where her father preached and the reception ended with traditional Macedonian dances befitting to the groom’s mother’s side. A divine joining together of two beautiful families by the two most wonderful people! To Nate & Kate!













that castle wedding

This was a wedding to remember! There wasn’t a dry eye in the church as this amazing young man said yes to this gorgeous young woman! A love so intense it inspires! The first look was enchanting as the bride turned the rose-vine covered corner into the garden where her prince awaited. Their first moments together were spent on castle grounds, lovingly and excitedly awaiting a life time together!mezgerhochzeit-78






that spring beauty

Sanni ist eine von meine schönen Freundinin heir in Frankfurt! Ich war so froh als sie mich gefragt hat ob ich Fotos von sie machen können! “Auf jeden Fall!” war mein Antwort! Wir haben bis Frühling gewartet und die Fotos zeigen wie schön es war! Wir haben uns in ihre tolle neue Wohnung davor getroffen zum Sekt und Kuchen, und dann sind wir spasieren gegangen, zu ein schönen See in der Nähe von ihre Wohnung! Obwohl es nicht so ganz warm war, Sanni’s warme Persönlichkeit, und schöne Gescicht hat diesen Foto Shooting echt toll gemacht! Ich bin so dankbar für so eine schöne Freundin! Zumwohl meine Liebe Sanni!

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that first wedding

The Parkes wedding was my first wedding photographing solo! I was so excited… and truth be told… a literal nervous! It turned out to be such a beautiful celebration though! Everything went smoothly. The bride+groom were relaxed and glowing the whole day. The families supported and helped and partied and enjoyed! The friends rejoiced and danced… literally! And God got glory from a young couple who chose to live life to honor and celebrate Him. From start to finish it was a glorious wedding fest!

Jobey and Chelsea, you two are already such a strong and beautiful couple! I pray that your marriage would only grow you to be stronger and your love for one another to grow sweeter!

To the Parkes!DSC_0498

that sweet sweet family

This family. Uh! Where to start? Tiffany is one of my older cousins, so she has always been a role model in my life! Tiffany is also a soldier. I remember all meeting at her house and praying for her before she went off to Iraq. There, Tiffany fought together with Jason… her now husband! Talk about an intense love story!! >big heart eyes< .hehe. They have a handsome son and just welcomed a new little girl into the family! After a long and hard adoption process, they finally welcomed Aisha home last summer! These were their first family photos together.

This family inspires me so much! Tiffany is so strong yet also so incredible gentle and intentional! I love small chats poolside with her! Her voice alone is so calming! Jason is such a man of God; he leads and serves and loves his wife and family so powerfully… as well anyone else around him! Owen and Aisha are simply precious and have already have such a harmonious brother and sister connection! They are a powerful family and I cannot wait to see what they do next!

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that runner

This young man and I had fun exploring and finding some really cool locations! An small park, beautiful trees, a field (always my favorite), an old barn, even an awesome bridge with old train tracks still intact.

Bret has such a bright future in front of him! He’s is an excellent runner- exceeding on the Track and Cross Country teams. He is brilliant in his school work, is dedicated and motivated to give his best in all he does! And he comes from a wonderful family too!!

Bret, run far in life, and enjoy the journey along the way!

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