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that sweet sweet family

This family. Uh! Where to start? Tiffany is one of my older cousins, so she has always been a role model in my life! Tiffany is also a soldier. I remember all meeting at her house and praying for her before she went off to Iraq. There, Tiffany fought together with Jason… her now husband! Talk about an intense love story!! >big heart eyes< .hehe. They have a handsome son and just welcomed a new little girl into the family! After a long and hard adoption process, they finally welcomed Aisha home last summer! These were their first family photos together.

This family inspires me so much! Tiffany is so strong yet also so incredible gentle and intentional! I love small chats poolside with her! Her voice alone is so calming! Jason is such a man of God; he leads and serves and loves his wife and family so powerfully… as well anyone else around him! Owen and Aisha are simply precious and have already have such a harmonious brother and sister connection! They are a powerful family and I cannot wait to see what they do next!

> Click here for more photos on AW.FB <


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