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that dancer, twirler, tosser

I was so excited to get back to the states and do this Senior shoot! Livi is quite the catch! She is a beauty with fierce looks! She is tall and strong, a confident young woman! She is a dancer, which came in handy for some amazing shots around downtown Dayton! She is also a part of the Color Guard! Props were pretty fun to play with! I totally recommend spending some time tossing a fun into the air or twirling a flag on a rooftop garage as the sun sets! hehe

A few weeks later, we returned to Dayton, only this time, to a big beautiful park! Full of flowers, fields, docks and trees, we had some great fun exploring the beauty of the park and the elegance  of Livi!

Livi, I hope that your tall, strong, beauty takes you confidently into new challenges! I hope that your adventurous spirit and freedom to dance takes you to new journeys! Long live the dancer!

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